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Friday, March 27, 2015

Danish fashion company Bestseller to bring premium brand Selected to expand in India

NEW DELHI: Danish fashion company Bestseller will soon bring in its premium brand — Selected — to expand its India portfolio to four brands. The privately-held company, which owns around 15 brands, currently operates menswear brand Jack and Jones, and women's brands Vero Moda and Only in the country.

"We have added one more brand, Selected, to our portfolio which we plan to launch in a couple of months," said Ranjan Sharma, chief information officer at Bestseller India.

The company will launch only the menswear collection under the Selected brand in the country to begin with. It will cater to a slightly premium category than Jack and Jones, Sharma said. Bestseller, which runs 120 exclusive stores in India, will launch Selected on one of the online marketplaces initially before taking it to the brick-and-mortar format at a later stage, he added.

One reason for the online-first strategy is that most Bestseller's customers in the country are young people who are increasingly getting accustomed to online shopping. "Across all three brands, our customers will range from 18 to 28 years and they are always online," Sharma said. "On ecommerce, we have grown from 1% -10% in the course of one year," he said.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pearl Jewellery Items Designed to Lure Women of All Age Groups

Nobody can understand the significance of different jewellery items better than a woman whether it is platinum jewellery, golden jewellery or silver jewellery women have vast options in all types of jewelleries. For instance if you ask from a layman that what is jewellery for you his reply would be any dressing accessory made from expensive metals like platinum, gold, silver, or bronze is jewellery which can be either in form of chain, rings, earrings, bangles etc. But if same question is asked from any woman her reply would be any dressing accessory made from diamonds, perals, of any of the metals mentioned above comes in category of jewellery items. Here it would be interested to know that although men are also aware about the diamonds and pearls but normally they do not pay much attention towards jewellery made from these precious stones. It is because of this jewellery box of every woman is always filled with different types of jewellery items.

Interestingly although jewellery box of every woman is filled with all types of jewellery items but the shine of Pearls necklaces have always fascinated every woman towards them and every woman wishes to atleast one or two sets of pearl necklaces in her wardrobe. The main reason behind fascination of every women towards pearl necklaces is due to fascinating charm that pearl necklace develops on their neck after wearing. The craze of women towards Pearls Necklaces can be witnessed from fact that as soon as woman buys pearl necklace or get it as gift from her husband she gets excited to let her friends know about it proudly. Moreover the extent of her craziness reaches at peak if she buys a necklace studded with pearls and diamonds because both being the expensive of all the stones and wearing such necklace can make woman feel like a queen among her friends.

Integration of pearls and diamonds in earring and pendants

Earrings is one of the common jewellery item which every women used to wear since her childhood since her early age and therefore where you will find limited numbers of other jewellery items in her jewellery box you will find huge number of earrings in her box in different shapes, sizes and designs. But earrings which grab attention of every woman or in other words which can lure any woman towards their brightness are pearls with diamonds in earrings. Although normally such types of earrings are given as gift to a woman who is close to your heart and which occupies an important place in your life. Apart from being blessed with beauty of both diamonds and pearls merged in one piece such earrings are an illustration that attachment between you and your soul mate is strong and truly exhibits your love and feelings towards each other. Another interesting feature of these earrings is that they can be wear on different events without any consideration.

Alike pearl and diamond earrings, Pearls with diamonds in pendants can also be a perfect gift for your lady love on special occasion of your life whether it your marriage anniversary or her birthday. Necklaces and chains have always succeeded in making every woman attracting towards them and when if she gets a pendant made from pearls and diamonds to be mounted on her necklace or chain not only enhances the value of that item but help her in grabbing the attention of everyone wherever she goes by adding an elegance to her personality.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Online shopping sees 117% growth

NEW DELHI: As consumers went on a buying spree during the festive season of Diwali and Eid, they have not even spared the online shopping sites, which reported a whopping 117 per cent increase in sales.According to data release by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) online sales during this festive stood at Rs 115 crore as against just Rs 53 crore last year.IAMAI said online sales registered 135 per cent increase in transaction and clocked over 8,10,000 transactions in three weeks as compared to 3,45,000 in 2004-05 season."With e-commerce revenues to cross Rs 1,180 crore for 2005-06 and a growing internet user base currently at more than 32 million its been a sparkling Diwali and Eid in 2005-06 as e-commmerce sales crossed to a whoppping Rs 115 crore in three weeks period," IAMAI president Preeti Desai said in a statement.More than 4,15,000 Indians made an average purchase of Rs 1,420, which ranged between Rs 1 to as high as Rs 1,40,000, using the online services this Diwali, it said.During the entire festive season, the most active online shopping days were from October 28 to November 3.IAMAI said consumer preference for products remained more or less similar as that of last year, with consumer electronics, such as digital cameras, mobile phones, DVD players and microwaves topping the shopping list in major cities, followed by gifts, apparel, jewellery and acccessories.There were more than 3,60,000 products available in catalogue for the online consumers to shop, it said.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Right tools can make online shopping easier

Online shopping can be a smart consumer's best friend, with the ability to easily comparison shop, search for discounts and make purchases with a few mouse clicks.

You could always visit shopping comparison sites, such as, or search for coupon codes at one of many code-aggregators. But now a slew of Web browser add-ons makes smart online shopping easier. Here's a sampling:

Billeo toolbar: With perhaps the most functionality, helps with shopping, discount codes and bill paying. It will autofill your logins and passwords to retailer sites, as well as forms for your shipping and billing addresses and credit card information. On the checkout page, it will alert you if a discount code is available for your purchase and autofill the code.

Billeo will save transaction confirmation pages to provide a shopping history. And it aids with paying via vendor sites.

Billeo is available for Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows and Firefox for Mac.

Dealio: One important function Billeo doesn't have is comparing prices among retailers. will do that and search eBay. Comparisons include tax and shipping for a true apples-to-apples approach. The toolbar works with IE and Firefox on Windows only.

InvisibleHand plug-in: If you don't want a bunch of toolbars stealing your browser real estate, is for you. It shows itself only when you're on a product description page. It will alert you when another retailer has a lower price on the item. Firefox only.

Retailmenot and CouponCabin: and are among the better sites to search for coupon codes, which can be entered at online checkout to give you goodies, including discounts or free shipping. Both are available for IE and Firefox. Retailmenot also has a version for Apple's Safari browser.

PriceProtectr toolbar: Many retailers offer price-protection policies that refund the difference within a certain time frame, such as 30 days after purchase. makes it easy to log your purchases at its Web site, which alerts you by e-mail if the price drops within the retailer's price-protection period. Available for IE and Firefox.

But shopping toolbars can be controversial:

*Privacy. See what information it stores.

*Profits. Companies that make toolbars offering coupon codes and steering you to lower prices earn money by driving traffic to retailers.

*Rewards. You can grab some of that affiliate money by joining and using a shopping rewards program, such as

Monday, March 9, 2015

EBay supports Google over Brussels antitrust probe: Report

EBay Inc Chief Executive John Donahoe has supported arguments made by Google Inc in its defense in an antitrust case, saying the two companies are direct competitors in online shopping, the Financial Times reported.

Barriers between different areas of online commerce are breaking down, Donahoe said in an interview with FT, highlighting the challenges the European Commission faces in bringing the high-profile case.

The European Union accused Google of cheating consumers and competitors by distorting Web search results to favor its own shopping service, after a five-year investigation that could change the rules for business online.

Google said in a blog post that it strongly disagreed with the EU's statement of objections and would make the case that its products have fostered competition and benefited consumers.

EBay and Google were not available for comment outside regular US business hours.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Online shopping mantra in times of recession

MUMBAI: The economic slowdown might have led to a decline in footfalls at swanky shopping malls across the country, but shopaholics continue to shop, albeit on a different platform, the rapidly-growing online shopping, says a survey.

Shoppers shopped more frequently through online portals in Q4 2008 than in the same quarter of 2007, a MasterCard Worldwide survey said.

The average frequency of online purchases in India increased to 2.9 per cent in Q4, as against 2.6 per cent during the same quarter in 2007, a press relaese said here today.

MasterCard Worldwide recently published its latest Insight Report-Economic Crisis and Preference for Online Shopping in the Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Africa.

The survey findings suggest that the economic crisis could have made online shopping more attractive, the release said.

"The one key factor for shoppers being motivated into online purchases may be the consumers' ability to compare prices across multiple outlets, hence achieving the important objective of value for money," the survey said.