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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So what is the difference between EDP and EDT Perfume?

Often, people tend to get confused about labels to find the odor. What is the most durable? What is the best quality? And as useless, I can be sure that not just buy a cheap perfume load? Well, surprisingly simple to keep reading to make sure not to be confused again.

Odors three main existing revenue base types:



Eau de toilette

Each odors 'perfume' Based on the concentration that has to be put into one of these categories. And high concentrations, will be long-lasting fragrance!

So you get exactly what you are paying separately for each category, so let's break.


The more concentrated and more expensive. Perfume average from 25% to 15% to 40% were concentrated. As very strong smell, usually sold in small bottles, and only require a small amount of application. The best place to set somewhere 'hit' in - behind the ears and neck, wrists inside,.


More expensive second - the second largest area and yes, you guessed it. The perfume is generally anywhere from 7% to 15%. They are also more likely to come in small sizes, eau de parfum is suitable for clothing and hair sterilization, but be careful not to spray on delicate fabrics like silk leave a stain.


At least triple the concentrate and therefore more expensive than the eau de toilette. 1% to 6% with the lowest concentration that will not last long as the others in his scent. When applied refreshing and light, in fact, was initially thought to be used as an initial body to help people wake up in the morning!

Many other things ...

People use it - the choice one more piece of information you have to remember that smell! To determine the time to smell this odor is not only a concentration of perfume; it's amazing how the spray drying of skin will be a very important difference. Prolonged skin drier skin fat keeps the smell. And the PH level of the skin also affect the way the next person smells the odor.

So there you have it, today is the difference between the common types of sold perfume. I hope now you can easily make the best choice for your needs, no problem!


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