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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Expensive for Global Women's Fragrances Sort by

Materials had to provide for the most expensive perfume in the world in the perfume world. Cost is determined by the essence of the bottle and smell.
Perfume expensive for women intoxicating aura printed in the minds of the people get the smell. Defeating the minds of people and has something very interesting about the smell to leave a lasting impression on them about that person uses perfume. You can buy online stores perfumes or retail. It's some kind of conscious smell prefer to buy from an online store brand they love. Some women, as experience; They want to feel like you feel weak strong odor.

We will compile the list of expensive perfume for women. You can get them at discounted prices from an online store. Placement of guaranteed prices, which are a wonderful aroma.
1. Clive Christian Imperial Majesty ($ 215,000), one of the most expensive perfume in the world for women. Close-odor and absurdly expensive. Perfume enthusiasts no matter what people will do, however, to ensure that the scent for you. Luxury prices can be expensive, but worth every penny of the impact will be the opposite sex.

2 women ($ 2,150) by Clive Christian No. 1: buy online fragrance and get a percentage of the sale of this product. Perfume cost is determined by the type of material used for the bottle. The bottle is made of pure crystalline. Neck price rose a few notches are made of gold and silver material.
3. Caron Poivre ($ 2000): Although there is no specific fragrance genre is one of the hottest fragrances more sold worldwide. This sense of smell is the smell of spicy chile attractive. People do not change significantly over the years become your magical perfume. It is produced by a French perfumery Caron.
4. Baccarat Sacrées Les larmes of Thebes: $ 6.800 per ounce: a popular fragrance market, which has been used for years. If you are sure of the quality of the heady scent and can be purchased online perfumes. Feel the smell of jasmine is full of heavy texture. These senses are fascinated and buy it again and again and oblige.

One of the luxury brands in the perfume industry: Jean Patou ($ 800) for the fifth Joy fragrance. This is one of the most expensive perfume in the world for women. This luxury products have a variety of different retail prices. Prices vary depending on the border if there are discounts offered to customers and offers depending on a specific item.

Expensive perfumes for women are designed to attract the elite society of people. Luxury Tourism educated people tend to take this elite society a favor for that special smell. Rare luxury fragrance ingredients extraction difficult and extremely expensive. This is easily to get people to pay for the labor supply of this type of fragrance


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