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Monday, July 7, 2014

Type fragrance for men and women

do not forget tale about musk, can drive you crazy. As musk, crazy! Thus, the history of perfume / tale entitled to from the beginning of the fairy world. At the same time, he has always been fascinated by every human being. Treasury Musk always aristocrats, were accepted as king and other issues of prestige high-profile people. Here, her pure musk smell girlfriend / odor you may notice that has great meaning.

Perfumes human emotion attractive vaccines. In short, it is a legal practice. Initially, I had the same smell of men and women, but different properties than it is now, was divided. Time to buy online perfume woody aroma, green, floral, fruity and oriental five main types of receivables.
* Floral floral fragrance contains strong symptoms. This type of flower essences to know. rose, jasmine, cloves, lavender, etc. Typically, these women also prefer those few men smell. Fragrances include online databases, several important names in the floral fragrance, Versace Essence Etheral.04 Oz, Hugo Perfume, Perfume 1.7 Oz Eau De Parfum Vera Wang etc. aerosol
* Special woody fragrance all land are not included. Examples of cedar, patchouli and sandalwood is similar. People choose to wear this winter or any fragrance night. Several brands of woody fragrance etc. Iris Green Tweed, Davidoff Cool Water, Guy Laroche Drakkar has noir-
* Fruity aroma is known for its unique sweet and spicy. Tangier and refreshing citrus scent also available. So for all the only air 'perfect', was approved. For them, there are several brands with a fruity aroma Nina Ricci etc. Vera Wang, Hannah Montana Perfume by Princess has belles
* Young parsley, especially ideal for athletes. Its fragrant tones are similar to the fresh spring grass growth. This casual job right and night. This makes a perfect gift smell of various brands, etc. Its neutral taste Balmain Ivoire Cabotine Perfume, Perfume pheromone does not exist.
* Oriental Aroma is characterized by a rich and sensual manufactured. Very powerful and dinner was excellent undertaken for corporate events or any special. Examples of labels etc. Ciara-Revlon, Christian Dior Dune-, Balahe- Leonard, Ladder, has

Men and women have different physical odor and fragrance makes it pleasant or attractive to the closest to you. Designers have developed a combination of different aromas and meet ergonomic. hardness, softness and strong smells. Less expensive so cheap, but some also be morning, afternoon, office or used together, for example, have different fragrances for different occasions.


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