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Monday, December 9, 2013

Debt and money management - Differences between men and women

In today's tough economy, the debt seems quite normal. Most people today, regardless of financial status in debt. Often, financial decisions are based on emotion than logic. More debt, are men or women, the question now? What are the factors that explain this interesting phenomenon?

Men and women between debt and statistics management Money
According to the survey, men and women, there is a significant difference between how to create economic decisions. Economic decisions really behavioral psychology, neurobiology and chemistry of the brain is affected. In addition, men and women spend resources and debt management, as it was determined that there was no significant difference in dealing with money.

Research shows that women are more likely than men to impulse buying. There are also 4.5% of the male population, while claiming difficulty in resisting sales, 23.7% of women in the population, that does not necessarily buy something unplanned.

Most women fashion accessories, clothes, bags and shoes to spend. Meanwhile, men eat and sports tickets, electronics, gadgets, cars, most spend their money drinking liquor. Women to influence the social impact and most men and women believe that excessive spending tends to go over budget because of the pressure to stay in fashion.

Men debt management and Women
Over the years there has been a decline in the number of men and women seeking financial advice origin. However, women are still the # 1 customer financial advisor. But that does not mean that these women and men have more debt. On the other hand, women have a more positive view of the debt can be solved, and they agreed that there is really debt problems. Men are less likely to seek financial advice mainly due to ego.

Why is this possible? Blame it on hormone.

Debt and Money Management hormones that play a role
Increases your ability to take the risk of testosterone fluctuations in the body, the warning "winner effect". It may be helpful, "winner effect" can lead men to produce non-viable financial decisions.

With each victory is a tendency to increase the level of testosterone in the male body. Long, streamlined and efficient decisions can impair male. Working to create a quick win for testosterone in men, but more likely it is that has to be followed by losses. Moreover, women will be slow and continuous trend male best performance gains.

The change of organizational culture
Over the years, there has been a significant change in culture from many organizations in Europe. Currently, women make decisions and, of course, they are allowed to participate are given in the highest position in the company.

As men and women best money managers, hedge funds are believed to be profitable managers and investors. The men are believed to be more optimistic than women. Your intense optimism decisions which are more aggressive drivers. Have a blast of normal levels of testosterone, but of course, this only applies to young men.

Testosterone levels in the body are subject to a variety of effects on women's decisions. The result of the generation of selfish decisions at a low level high level of testosterone makes women less productive.

Men and women to invest
Many men, some business ventures because they are risk takers that women have a higher likelihood of investment. Most women doing push them are unsecured investments on their understanding of financial issues.

Saving for Men and Women
There were several complaints about the behavior of women save. Women who overspending of fanfare companies because the investigation revealed that, although men are big savers, some researchers women really good saver and investor claims to be a waste.

Women are less likely to make investments, but more prone to long-term financial planning. Although many women making less risky investments, studies show that some efforts at peak times as much as men can be productive and successful.

Although most men and women earn less than you earn, tend to save more than women, because of their great interest to recover. In the UK and Ireland, women claim they can better manage and build spenders big savings compared to men.


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