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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lafuma Extreme sleeping bag

Trekking is an important part of almost everyone's life. They bring you closer to nature. But, of course,
You can not walk or backpack without a sleeping bag! If you are looking for a sleeping bag that can
Given the extreme environmental conditions of your walk or stand, one in Lafuma
A great choice for you.

This is a sleeping bag is designed to withstand. You can use this for any of the 950 Pro Bag
adventurer needs. This summer, or if you are taking a long trip to the ceremony does not matter
If you go on a trip with friends just a traditional backpack. This bag will work for you.

Sleeper a lot of care and foresight was built. And that is extremely durable fabric
Water repellent. It is also strong enough to withstand a beating. Synthetic fabric, so do not
If you get stuck in the state of tropical forests have to be concerned about their situation. In fact,
Bag is designed for situations that may contain a large amount of cold. If you are trying to keep warm
up, zipper bag to stay warm. In fact, this may be perfect for a insertable in time
One he loved, a tour with them go!

Lafuma extreme sleeping bag is made of micro fiber insulation. This isolation of ultra-microfiber
If the insulation bag to ensure you get the maximum weight possible. One of the biggest
People can get caught sleeping bag with zipper complaints are real
tissue. Such a thing, to ensure that no Lafuma Extreme
Certainly, there are a couple of sleeping bags cursor will not get caught in the zip lining material. thank you
Anti-jamming design, you will not have to fight the rack in the middle of the forest.
Sleeping compression system is very good, luxury bedding, can be an inclination
You can easily store in bag compact package.

The easiest for you (and frankly more fun) to do things, zipper Lafuma Extreme
Where phosphorescent- bag so you always know! This bag is constructed so
Make sure trekking conditions are excellent. Lafuma be a great choice for extreme


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