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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top 5 brands in shopping malls in Mumbai

For big brands like Gap, Massimo Dutti and Hennes & Mauritz, India portfolio draws seat more about the fight against other global and local brands, the shopping center are recorded in front of them. Mumbai, the country's fashion capital has more than 40 shopping malls in Mumbai-Thane section and each host to an average of 200 luxury brands in the world. In addition, new brands are trying to beat the various market segments with great products, discounts and other offers. While the market of Mumbai almost always accommodate them, there are brands that were with their customers and Mumbaikars long. Here are the five best selling brands in malls of Mumbai.


Ethnic collection for men, Manyavar one of the most visited Mumbai in department stores is. The product line includes the incredible creativity and a wide range of prices. While the Indians still love the sport in some ethnic parties, events and ceremonies meeting Manyavar has established itself as one of the main needs of the brand. It is also important to note that in a country like India is not a party every day, more events, birthdays, weddings and other traditional events. The consideration for women BIBA Manyavar.

inspire love

With an exclusive line of lingerie, sportswear and premium collection, the love between major brands to choose the members of Mumbai appears. In all major shopping centers in Mumbai, Love sold more than any other brand of competition in this category. The consideration for the Jockey race of men.

John Player

Exclusive line of products is mixed category John Player in the ITC brand. For decades, the ITC has grown to become a super brand and not only in Mumbai, we see great popularity for their products, but also in other cities. Voted the number one young fashion brand ambassador Hrithik Roshan as John Players offer a dynamic range of clothing, including party wear, casual wear, sportswear, work clothes, jeans, jackets and suits. The brand also includes the latest trends with exciting blend of style, color, texture and attacks.


Tanishq celebrated as wedding jewelry from India and Mumbai, the capital of fashion, is a popular choice among Mumbaikars. New in the jewelry industry, Tanishq was their exclusive designs, exceptional quality and attractive popular crafts. Tanishq is also the first and largest Indian retail jewelry store with 138 exclusive stores in 80 cities. Whatever the occasion when you want to buy jewelry, Tanishq the first brand that would offend your mind.


Sportswear and accessories market leader in India and other countries, Adidas also includes sub-brand Reebok in his name. The brand includes watches, handbags, shoes, suitcases, shirts, sunglasses, sportswear and even perfumes. This is definitely love the first choice for sports and India demographics, the sport is a religion to another!


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