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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sunglasses and Face shape

It 's very important to understand sunglasses for your face shape. It 'important to know if it is. The average shape coronary, oval, spherical, very far, the shape of the gemstone, triangle or square or simply following the contour of the face of the bet that is a replica of repetition can also allow you to recognize the layout face. To continue working, you can find out the quality of his face and forehead, the line of the mouth, cheek to cheek bones and the ability to follow the path.


Those who hBecause through the skin of the forehead extensivest narrow chin, in contrast with the upper and lower jaws of our bones. The shape of a triangle in the center is a bit 'too much, not sharp criticism as the care of a triangular shape. Reese Witherspoon is a good example of faces formed. Should have the form of a cat or a spherical structure means umbrellas go to see the layout.


For those who have an oval shape cheekbones best soft beautiful forehead and chin. This type of forehead, chin and bone is expected; During which the options set out in the act. The good thing is that you just do not grow all tastes.


Triangular shape of a heart, but the pointed chin and sharp edges. The second triangle in correspondence of the upper face of the jaw, when the house apple extensivest with extraordinary cheekbones. Tyrabanks is a prime example, the face of the triangle. People who choose to have this type of face and eyes flyers standard cat howeverterfly.

shaped diamante-

Other people have the sharp edges of the diamond layout, but with a long face. Among other things, the use of this form has a narrow mouth and forehead, all the more powerful part cheekbones. Other people in this form, suits oval, cat's body and decide to unlimited viewing. Do not buy the package sunglasses, it turns out that most of the cheekbones.


For those who have a spherical product of equally large forehead, mouth and cheeks. These arguments have no sharp edges. Gennifer Goodwin makeup can be a great example of a spherical surface. Other people in front of the rectangular shape can overalls, on a support, and go in parentheses.

Oblong shape

Oblong shaped a bit 'like an oval, but no longer in length and has a chin robeneath. Other people in this form, go over the big umbrellas and taste.


Other people on the face of a very square jaw Squared very simple test. This system is equivalent to the width and length with the other surface. This face shape can be round, cat eye, oval bodies and choose a butterfly, while others may AVIATOR models.

Once you know the shape of the face; It may be simple, it is like a pair of glasses, which is perfectly designed to choose. Decide models, colors and styles! It's easy!


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