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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vital Campfire Equipment

In fact, to do the work, it will require more than a pair of chopsticks. Dining facility on an open fire require a series of cooking some pieces that will help you the most effective meals you can organize.

Tripod: A large folding tripod can be invaluable By meals over the campfire. With a durable, you can hang pots or boiler quickly over the flames or even parts of roast beef.

Campfire Grill: This is only a screen this heritage, so that you can set on the fire when the fire really pack a little. It really is like cooking on a grill outdoors, but can also be used as support for pots and pans.

Film: Get the kind of hard work and can be used for all to make their own pot cover food film for food preparation in the embers. You may have made fried potatoes, so before you actually cook goal has broad ranks of income to try in foil packaging to keep the juices.

Heavy Pot: If you want to get fancy, you simply need to have a good pot to boil. Make it a tight bottom and, please, you can use it as a pan in a hurry. You certainly want weighes le pot enough to make the direct heat of the flames face. Cast iron is always wonderful, but not very practical if you are backpacking, because it will be very difficult.

Iron Pie: These utensils for preparing special foods you can press and prepare two slices of bread with filling to make a "cake". Although not a device requires pastel'll make great memories and good food.

Camping Cooking Tips

Preparing food at the campfire is ridiculously easy at first. The heat did not and you may find you an overview of obtenir until the desired temperature that you want to keep. However, if you understand the basics, it can be very rewarding.

If you are new to the world of outdoor cooking, begins with the receipt of tasks meals that are not strongly complexed. Soup, steamed or roasted vegetables and the like are great to get used to the originality of the kitchen fire.


Try to keep the fire small. You do not need to cook one of the leading companies in the flame of your food. In fact, you will be better when the fire remains relatively low, large enough for the aircraft with the network. If you intend to cook sheet, make sure the fire is large enough to fit everything you need to prepare.

Dig into the fire. The flames are not very predictable and barbecue at home with you, you really want, please use the heat of the coals like. You can dig a shallow pit fire and light the fire in it, a good bed of coal burned when the whole thing actually have. This makes it easy to put a pot of gold at the beginning of the grid.


Use herbs and liquid. More simply enter extraordinary taste of food into force when appropriate. Add a few dashes of butter, a pinch his wine or beer and some natural herbs for them and you will be surprised at how good it tastes.

The film folder over the flames Do not. Do you really want the folders in the vicinity of the fire directly on to take a seat and not how the movie and burn. When burned, the food will end up on the floor. One possibility is to conceal parts of food in the coals.

Cover cookwares in cooking. Even a white sheet of gold leaf on a baking improver speed. For more than baked a reward, with the aim of more coal on the top and around the edges of the pan. Simply sour to check to see if we often food is ready.

Backyard food preparation can be a lot of fun once you get used to it. Try some of your meals at home loved by the fire and enjoy the final results, although they do not usually great.


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